We welcome two more mares to our breeding program!

We are proud to present two additional mares into Sinus breeding program! 

18-year old Ernera is the only full-sister to the well-known Ekstern by Monogramm out of Ernestyna/Piechur. On the 3rd of January she had an elegant colt with great movements by Eryks (Gazal Al Shaqab x Emmona/Monogramm) and he is for sale! We will breed Ernera in Poland before she will come home to Sweden. We are so happy to have this beautiful Monogramm-daughter into our breeding program and we are anxious to see what she will produce for us. Ernera has daughters exported to the US and the Middle East and she also has daughters left at Michalów. 

7-year old El Kahira is the last offspring to the legendary mare Emigracja (Palas x Emisja/Carycyn), the dam of  Emigrantka, Emanacja, Ellada and Emocja. El Kahira´s sire is the Janów Podlaski-bred Piber (Pamir x Pilina/Eternit). El Kahira is in foal to Esparto (Ekstern x Ekspozycja/Eukaliptus) and she is due in April. 

We would like to thank Anette Mattsson for all the assistance in aquiring those two dream mares! 
















2012 could have ended in a much happier way…

2012 could have ended in a much happier way...
Our beloved stallion Zigi Zan was sent to the semen collection center so that we could collect frozen semen for the mare owners outside Sweden. In Poland prior to being entered in the Pride of Poland auction 2011 Zigi Zan did a fertility test with sperm count which showed good results. Zigi Zan left for the collection center now in November and did all the required tests for frozen semen worldwide. When they collected him for the first time they noticed that he lacked sperms in the semen which can be the case when they have not been breeding for a while and after some jumps some sperms showed so we were hopeful that all would be alright. But then the sperms disappeared again and we had a German specialist coming up and examine him. The vet then discovered that Zigi Zan has had some kind of trauma that affected the blood vessels between the testicals and he has severe scar tissues there instead of the vessels which strangle the necessary blood supply to the epididymis and the testicals. No one have an idea what could have happen to him and even if we knew it would not change the fact we are upon, that Zigi Zan will not be able to sire any foals.
We had such high hopes for Zigi Zan and his future offspring and this is the most devastating news for his future and everyone involved. We were so happy when we finally could finalize the purchase of this dream stallion, especially after "loosing" him in the auction last year. We could not believe how lucky we were when the opportunity came this spring to finally buy him and he arrived just a few days prior to the Blommeröd show. Although he lost weight on his trip to Sweden, he did his thing and showed his amazing movements and got 92.17 points (the 6th highest score of the show!) and was Bronze Champion. We were so overwhelmed and proud! The support and interest in him from breeders all over the world after we bought him has been so amazing, and we are so, so sad that we can not fulfil their dreams to own a Zigi Zan baby. Zigi Zan is one of the nicest stallions to be around and he is a dream to look at and to ride. Right now we are trying to grasp the terrible fact that is upon us and we are taking one day at the time. Zigi Zan arrived home at Stall Lunnarp last night and his life will continue as he knows it being ridden and spending the days outside. We are just so sad as we are convinced that his babies would have had the same exceptional features as him and right now we have a hard time to see the meaning with this tragedy.


We welcome our new mares!

We welcome our two new mares to Sinus Arabian Stud:  

18 year old Elekcja was born at Janów Podlaski in Poland and her sire is the Polish and International Champion Stallion Etogram (El Paso x Etruria) and her dam is the legendary Europa (Bandos x Eunice), fullsister to the icon Eukaliptus and the dam of the great Europejczyk. Elekcja raced for two seasons at the Racetrack with 17 races prior to being put into the broodmare band at Janów. She is the dam of the black Champion mare Elwinga (e. HS Pirandelo). Elekcja is in foal to World Junior Champion Kahil Al Shaqab (Marwan Al Shaqab x OFW Mishaahl). 

Gazira is a 7-year old mare bred by Michalów State Stud farm and she is by the Polish and European  Champion Stallion Eldon (Penitent x Erotyka) and her dam is the beautiful Monogramm-daughter Gehenna (out of Gizela/Palas). Gehenna was the high-selling mare at the Pride of Poland auction 2006 when she was sold for 180.000 Euro to Australia. Gazira raced for one season at the Racetrack with 4 starts. She had three foals at Michalów, two colts by Pegasus (Gazal Al Shaqab x Pepesza) and a filly by Esparto (Ekstern x Ekspozycja). Gazira is in foal once again to Esparto. 

Our heartful thank you to Anette Mattsson for all the help getting us these two lovely mares!  



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We offer everyone that book their breeding to Zigi-Zan prior to the 31st of December an introduction price! Booking fee is paid upon signing the contract and the rest is paid when your mare is in foal. For more information, please contact Anette Mattsson +46-70-7531075 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zigi-Zan is x-rayed without any remarks and he is tested non-carrier of SCID and CA. 

He raced as a three-year old in Poland with 6 starts (1-0-0-2) and has also had success in the show ring being 2011 Reserve Champion Stallion at the Wroclaw Arabian Horse Weekend and this summer just days after his arrival to Sweden he was shown by Mr. Piotr Dwojak to a second place with 92.17 points and the title Scandinavian Open Bronze Champion Stallion. 

Zigi-Zan is known to be a moving machine and he resembles a lot of his famous dam Zagrobla, one of Polands most successful mares in the show ring. We are excited to see Zigi-Zan´s first offspring in 2014 and if you would like to have one of those, see to that you book your breeding!  

Fahrad at work

Pekka Blomander has started the work on Fahrad to take him to higher level in riding and they are great together.