Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sinus jul2014

We congratulate the new owners to Gazparto and El Kahil!

We wish all happines in the future to Amanda Alevik who is the new owner of the yearling colt Gazparto (Esparto-Gazira/Eldon) and to Rose-Marie Thorén who bought the yearling colt El Kahil (Kahil Al Shaqab-Elekcja/Etogram)! We hope that you will have wonderful lifes together! 

Gazparto ElKahil381

Zigi Zan

Here are some photos of our beloved Zigi Zan from the presentation last Saturday.  

Photo Anette Mattsson

  • ZigiZan6148
  • ZigiZan6158
  • ZigiZan6159
  • ZigiZan6160
  • ZigiZan6166
  • ZigiZan6167
  • ZigiZan6173
  • ZigiZan6177
  • ZigiZan6178
  • ZigiZan6189

Thank you to all who attended our Open House!

Thank you to all who attended our Open House! We are so happy that you came and spent this afternoon with us and watched our beautiful horses. Thank you also to Vicke Philip Sörensen for the delicious food!  

Here are some photos taken by Anette Mattsson

  • Bastra6044
  • Bastra6046
  • DSC_5929
  • DSC_5932
  • DSC_6215
  • DSC_6216
  • DSC_6217
  • DSC_6218
  • DSC_6220
  • DSC_6221
  • DSC_6222
  • DSC_6223
  • DSC_6224
  • EVG_Palagranta6023
  • EVG_Palagranta6025
  • Elquiria5970
  • Elquiria5973
  • Elquiria5974
  • Ernera5960
  • Erquando5996
  • Fahrad6037
  • Gazqoria5979
  • Gazqoria5980
  • Krasnica6066
  • Krasnica6078
  • Kresz6015
  • WiezaMarca6093
  • WiezaMarca6097
  • WiezaMarca6114
  • WiezaMarca6120